Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)


Where I Found It:
Computer (Personal 80’s Collection)

Follows a group of high school students growing up in southern California, based on the real-life adventures chronicled by Cameron Crowe. Stacy Hamilton and Mark Ratner are looking for a love interest, and are helped along by their older classmates, Linda Barrett and Mike Damone, respectively. The center of the film is held by Jeff Spicoli, a perpetually stoned surfer dude who faces off with the resolute Mr. Hand, who is convinced that everyone is on dope.

Favorite Scene:
The guy part of me wants to say the pool scene, however the kill lincoln scene did it for me

Favorite Quote:
“I Want Her To Live, I Want Her To Breath, I Want Her To Aerobicise” 

After Thoughts:
 Is this the start oh the high school movie deal. the bathroom scene may be the start of the american pie type movies/comedys

(Yes) Asshole Teacher
(No) Black Guy Dies First
(Yes) Boobies
(No) Can’t Shoot for Shit
(No) Cheesy Fight Sounds
(No) Decapitation
(Yes) Dumb Blonde
(Iffy) Hardcore Ricer, I mean racer
(Yes) Horrible Dubbing
(No) Laugh Track Credits
(No) Lesbians
(Yes) Male Nudity
(No) Morgan Freeman Narration
(No) Movie Title Soundtrack Song
(No) Popeye Spinach Effect
(No) Pregnant Plot Changer
(No) Quicksand
(No) Secret Handshakes
(No) Smoking Is Cool???
(Yes) Strip Tease
(Yes) Unnecessary Sentence Enhancers (Swears)
(No) Urination
(No) Vomiting
High school, teenagers, asshole teachers


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