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High School High (1996)


Richard Clark has just left the well-known Wellington Academy to teach at Marion Barry High School. Now, he will try to inspire the D-average students into making good grades and try to woo a fellow teacher.

Favorite Scene:
The chicken run scene

Favorite Quote:
“As far vasectomies go, never use the home kit” 

After Thoughts:
Sadly this was almost exactly like the naked gun movies, except with more racial stereotypes. Most of all the jokes were either very dry, an overplayed stereotype, or  just too dumb to count for anything

(No) Black Guy Dies First
(Sorta) Boobies
(No) Cheesy Fight Sounds
(No) Decapitation
(Sorta) Dumb Blonde
(Yes) Male Nudity
Stereotypes: Multiple regarding inner cities and bad high schools
(No) Urination
(No) Vomiting

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