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Fast Five (2011)


Former cop Brian O’Conner partners with ex-con Dom Toretto on the opposite side of the law. Since Brian and Mia Toretto broke Dom out of custody, they’ve blown across many borders to elude authorities. Now backed into a corner in Rio de Janeiro, they must pull one last job in order to gain their freedom. As they assemble their elite team of top racers, the unlikely allies know their only shot of getting out for good means confronting the corrupt businessman who wants them dead. But he’s not the only one on their tail. Hard-nosed federal agent Luke Hobbs never misses his target. When he is assigned to track down Dom and Brian, he and his strike team launch an all-out assault to capture them. But as his men tear through Brazil, Hobbs learns he can’t separate the good guys from the bad. Now, he must rely on his instincts to corner his prey… before someone else runs them down first.

Favorite Scene:
Off road Flat Bed Truck

Favorite Quote:
“Had to make a call huh? Shitty Call O’Connor, Shitty Call” 

After Thoughts:
I am simply left in amazement by my fav scene listed above.  So far what i can piece together is that the story line goes as far: fast and teh furious 1, fast and the furious 2 as a sideline, fast 4 as they head south, fast 5 (this movie), and then finally tokyo drift. now the way they put out the movies makes no sense, but they follow a tie in basis.
So this movie actually had me glued throughout, i found myself routing for them the whole time, the ending was a very nice twist and this has me neck and neck tied w/ ff3 for my favorite of the series. Now i also believe there may be another with roman pierce and tj, and possibly han and the girl in madrid

(No) Black Guy Dies First
(No) Boobies
(Yes) Can’t Shoot for Shit
(Yes) Cheesy Fight Sounds
(No) Decapitation
(No) Dumb Blonde
(Yes) Hardcore Ricer, I mean racer
(No) Male Nudity
(Yes) Pregnant Plot Changer
Stereotypes: Ricers, drug cartels, the rock,crooked cops
(Yes) Unnecessary Sentence Enhancers (Swears)
(No) Urination
(No) Vomiting

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