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Weird Science (1985)


Where I Found It:
Computer (Personal 80’s Collection)

Two unpopular teenagers, Gary and Wyatt, fail at all attempts to be accepted by their peers. Their desperation to be liked leads them to “create” a woman via their computer. Their living and breathing creation is a gorgeous woman, Lisa, whose purpose is to boost their confidence level by putting them into situations which require Gary and Wyatt to act like men. On their road to becoming accepted, they encounter many hilarious obstacles, which gives the movie an overall sense of silliness.

Favorite Scene:
Accidental Missile Creation

Favorite Quote:
“I Want Her To Live, I Want Her To Breath, I Want Her To Aerobicise” 

After Thoughts:
An old school throwback that I loved when I was a kid. Didn’t like the computer hacking scene.

(No) Black Guy Dies First
(Yes) Boobies
(No) Can’t Shoot for Shit
(No) Cheesy Fight Sounds
(No) Decapitation
(Yes) Dumb Blonde
(No) Hardcore Ricer, I mean racer
(No) Laugh Track Credits
(No) Lesbians
(Yes) Male Nudity
(No) Morgan Freeman Narration
(Yes) Movie Title Soundtrack Song
(No) Popeye Spinach Effect
(No) Pregnant Plot Changer
(No) Quicksand
(Yes) Secret Handshakes
(Yes) Smoking Is Cool???
(No) Strip Tease
(Yes) Unnecessary Sentence Enhancers (Swears)
(No) Urination
(Close) Vomiting
Super Easy Hacking, Bikers, And Maybe Sluts

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